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Sinead Lynch


The EO Browser is a powerful online tool that allows you to explore our planet from space like never before. It gives you instant access to a vast collection of satellite imagery captured by various Earth observation satellites. Whether you’re interested in tracking changes in land use, monitoring environmental shifts, or simply admiring stunning views of our planet, the EO Browser lets you do it all with just a few clicks. It’s an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and anyone curious about Earth’s dynamic beauty and the insights that satellite data can provide.

sing the EO Browser in a classroom can be an engaging and educational experience for students of various age groups. Here’s how you could effectively use it:

Introduction to Earth Observation: Start by explaining what Earth observation is and how satellites capture images and data from space. Discuss the importance of this data for understanding our planet’s changes over time.

Live Demonstrations: Use the EO Browser to show real-time satellite imagery of different regions around the world. Demonstrate how to navigate the interface, change time periods, and explore different layers of data.

Geography and Environmental Studies: Incorporate the EO Browser into geography or environmental science lessons. Show students how to identify landforms, water bodies, urban areas, and natural features using satellite imagery. Discuss the impact of human activities on the environment.

Climate Change Analysis: Select images from different years to showcase changes in glaciers, forest cover, or urban expansion. This can help students understand the effects of climate change and human actions on the landscape.

Natural Disasters: Explore imagery before and after natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or wildfires. Discuss how satellite data aids in disaster response and recovery efforts.

Research Projects: Assign students research projects where they analyze specific areas using the EO Browser. They can investigate topics like deforestation, urban heat islands, agricultural trends, and more.

Critical Thinking: Encourage students to compare satellite images with other maps or sources of data. Have them hypothesize about the reasons for observed changes and trends.

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