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Emma Rogers

The activity set I would choose is Space and Aliens.

Trigger: I would read the book “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffers to my infant class.
Wondering: Where do you think the Alien came from? Are there ALiens on any of the planets that we know about (in our solar system)? Do you think Aliens would look like us? Have you seen other Aliens in other books or TV shows? What do they look like?
Conducting the experiment: Give the children plasticine and cocktail sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners etc and allow them to create an alien lifeform of their own.
Interpreting results: Look at all the models and allow the children to give their reasons for creating the Aliens the way they did. Discuss as a class good ideas that came up about the reasoning behind the different types of aliens that children made and the functions of the new body parts they gave them.
Extension: The children can draw planets for their ALiens to live on in Art.
Maths extension: Sorting and classifying the aliens according to their physical attributes

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