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Denis Kelly

I am drawn to the “Animals in the Cold” activity set as a captivating way to introduce young learners to science concepts. This resource aligns well with the needs of an infant classroom and promises multifaceted engagement.


By utilizing the captivating stories and toys related to animals in winter, I would initiate a discussion about various climates and creatures. Our daily “Our News” activity provides a seamless entry point for such discussions. Engaging students in conversations about how they keep warm allows for an easy transition to understanding animal adaptations.


The investigation into blubber’s insulating properties, though previously done with butter, offers a tactile experiment. I’m intrigued to use Vaseline as a substitute, linking back to earlier lessons about waterproof materials.


Integration within the Arts is another exciting prospect. From visual arts and camouflaging animals to music lessons composing sounds based on habitats, the possibilities are rich.


I believe this activity set could help bolster my confidence in teaching science. The “Animals in the Cold” theme is an excellent vehicle for interdisciplinary learning that engages students’ curiosity and nurtures their understanding of the natural world.


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