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Lorraine Cleary

Hi. My name is Lorraine Cleary. This year I will be teaching First Class and am very grateful for all the interesting ideas being posted.

My favourite Science Fact, is regarding the James Webb satellite. I’ve been fascinated with it since its launch in 2021. One of its goals is to see back to about 100 million – 250 million years after the Big Bang when the first sources of light would start to form, ending the cosmic dark ages. It really is “bravely going where no man has gone before”.

For my Inquiry based learning activity, I will discuss “Dancing Raisin”

Strand: Energy and Forces

Trigger: Show a video of astronauts inside a rocket floating about, once they reach a surface such as ceiling or side they push back off in opposite direction.

Inquiry Questions: Observe whats happening! What causes the astronaut to bounce away the side. Does this happen to us? Why does he not stay on the ground when he touches the floor like we do? Are the astronauts light or heavy?

Provide each group with a jar of clear water. Show them the raisins. Predict what will happen when we put these raisins in the jar and justify why they think that. Record predictions. Test it. Compare results.

Provide each group with a jar of fizzy liquid and ask them to predict what happens if we drop raisins into this jar. Record and test it. The raisins sink until the bubbles collect under it pushing it to the top of the water. Bubbles are light pockets of gas which float.

What happens at top of liquid? It sinks back down, just like the astronauts do. What happened to make them sink again? Continue watching until bubbles disappear. Why has it now stopped moving? Whats changed? When did the bubbles disappear? – When they burst at the top? When there were no more bubbles, no force was acting on the raisins to change their direction? What force was acting on the astronauts?

Experiment with heavier objects to see if they have the same effect?

Extension – AS a follow up lesson I would do the “Falling Water” experiment to observe and explore how gravity works in more detail.

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