Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Ann-Marie Ronan


The goal I have chosen to discuss is Goal 3 ‘Health and Well Being’. I have chosen this goal as I believe it is very relevant to todays society. Health and Well-being are topics that need to be targeted, especially in children. Children need to be provided with a knowledge, an understanding and be given relevant skills to implement in order for a positive ‘health and well-being’ outcome. Firstly, by being a positive role model to the children in our classroom, promoting healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness etc. Secondly, providing lessons based around such topics throughout the year to develop this knowledge and skills. In relation to well-being, many children if not all have experienced the effects of covid. Social, emotional, language, physical and intellectual skills have all been affected to some extent. I found these past two years, my teaching style had to change to cater for the needs of the children, some areas of the curriculum needed to take a back seat while other areas such as, social, emotional and language skills needed to be addressed. We do have initiatives running in our school throughout the year, it would be the ideal world if these could take place more frequently.

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