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Lyndsy Healy

Rockets! 2nd Class

I would start by showing the children the Marlo and Milo cartoons in order to promote discussion and engage the children. We would discuss what the children might know about rockets and what they might like to know – how do rockets work? What makes them go so fast? etc
Over the coming days we would explore different ways of making rocket ships together. Straw rockets are fun and easy to make and then we would try baking soda and vinegar to launch our next rocket. Balloon rockets are lots of fun – aerospace engineering is in action as the balloons fly across the string at speed!
The children could use junk art another time to build and create, design and decorate their own rockets, either in pairs or groups. It would be fun to teach the children some cool facts about rockets e.g. it only takes a rocket 8 minutes to accelerate to a speed of 24,000 kilometres per hour! “How do Rockets Fly?” SciShow Kids on Youtube is a nice video to watch too!

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