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Show Your Science’ sounds like something I would take back to my school to share with other teachers in our school.
The activity I would be particularly interested in is ASERO 5 activity; ‘Where do you live?’ As my trigger I would read the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and I would possibly complete this activity during our Aistear Theme for the month ‘The DIY Store’. The discussion would all take place before we embark on our Stations and I would ask the children which material do they think was the best to build a house with and why. We will discuss the three materials from the story and then discuss any other materials that could be used. We will also discuss further different types of homes; semi-detached houses, detached houses, apartments, mobile homes and so on. We will examine pictures of different types of homes and discuss similarities and differences.
As part of this DIY Store month in Aistear, we always ask the children to design their own house in our Junk Art Station using assorts of materials gathered in preparation for this Aistear Theme. I also love the idea of using cartoons such as Marvin and Milo to engage and interest young learners. Children always respond well when we appeal to what they watch on TV or games they play on their iPads/Nintendos.
There are so many ESERO resources with lesson plans simply laid out and so very accessible and suitable for the infant classroom. I look forward to the opportunity to apply them in my classroom this coming school term.

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