Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Ronan McGrath

The fight against climate change is possibly the number one issue in the world today. On the news we see how it affects countries in Africa and Asia, but it is also happening here in Europe. While this summer hasn’t been extremely nice in Ireland, with the sun barely shining and plenty of rain, the opposite has been happening right across Europe. However, in previous summers we have had unbelievable weather. At a local level, we saw rivers dry up and lakes not reaching previous levels. This affects some people personally in the water sports that might use the rivers for their sports, such as kayaking and fishing. It also has a more important affect on local farmers and their produce. For a major impact to take place with our climate large companies need to act. However, young children need to be taught the importance of why to act so they can make a difference in the future. There are many ways this can be done. In previous years, my school has organised a screen free day. The children raise a small bit of money to have a day without screens. This is usually a fun day playing board games, but the children are not allowed screens for 24 hours. That means no laptops, tablets, TV and even no phones. Hopefully with the weather taking a turn, we could take advantage of the warm sunny days and get out of our classrooms. Turn off the lights and unplug the devices and do a few lessons outdoors. This can be done in many subjects, such as art, PE, a maths trail and reading. This year we did paired reading between 6th class and senior infants. The lessons took place outdoors, due to the weather being so nice. It was a great success. Finally, the children could do projects on climate change. Culminating with them writing to their local TD’s, senators, and councillors, giving ideas on how to tackle the problem.

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