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Aoife Slacke

Question: What evidence can we see of climate change in our local area and what steps can we take to positively impact it?
• Write the words ‘Climate Change on the board and ask the children what comes to mind when they hear these words. What is the evidence of climate change in their local area?
• Divide the children into groups with each group being tasked with taking photos of climate change in our locality.
• Each group will be given a flip chart page with the letter S/T/W and a different colour marker. This is like a KWL sheet but instead they write what they SEE in the picture, what they THINK is happening and then what they WANT to know. There will be a picture, which the children or I have taken on Climate change in our locality, in the centre in the picture that will be connected with Climate change.
• The children will be asked to write what they SEE, THINK and WANT to know about the picture.
• They will be given 10 minutes to write their comments
• The pages will be passed to the next group who can ask any additional comments.
• After each group has had an opportunity to write their comments we will talk about how they think these images are linked with climate change.
• We will then come up an action plan about how we as a class/school can make changes that have an impact on climate change.
• When the list is complete I will ask the children to prioritise the actions on what can be done immediately, medium term and long term.
We will then look at who will take responsibility and how can we promote our action plan throughout the school

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