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Ailbhe McNulty

As a stimulus for the lesson on rockets I would read the story Edward Built a Rocketship by Michael Rack. This would then lead to a group discussion on rockets and launching into outer space. I would then show some pictures of rockets and ask the children what they notice about the design. What shape is the top? Why do you think that is? What material would be used? Would it be heavy or light? I would then put the children in groups as I feel this is a great opportunity for collaborative and co-operative work. They would be given the task to design a rocket. Initially they will be given a straw among their design materials. They can test out their designs to see if they can make them fly and if so, how far? I will then give the children additional materials which include an empty plastic bottle. They will be encouraged to make larger rockets that cover the plastic bottle. Again, they will be given the opportunity to test their models and to make adjustments to their design. They will be asked if there was a hole in their rocket what they think might happen? How could they fix it? The children will be asked to record all attempts and to reflect on which rocket went furthest and to explain why they think this happened.

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