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Pauline Butterly

Hi, I’m Pauline.  This year I will be teaching 1st class. I chose this course as I have been in senior classes for the last few years and I completed a similar course for the older children which I found very useful and used during many lessons.

I have been intrigued by space since I was a kid and still find it amazing.  I love the discussion that can happen in class on the topic of space and planet Earth in space. My favourite fact about space is that we are connected to it – there are rocks from Mars on Earth.

An inquiry based activity for first class:

What material it best to keep water out – waterproof or not?

Trigger:  Using a superhero doll I would pour a jug of water over it and ask the children what has happened to Superman?

Wondering:  I would ask the children if they have ever gone for a walk in the rain? What happened? Did they get wet? Why or why not?

Exploring: Using the question – Which of these materials is waterproof? We would have a class discussion where the children would choose which materials (from a given selection) would be the best to build a waterproof den for Superman to keep him dry if it rains?

Prediction: Using their recording sheet the children will note what materials they think will be waterproof

Conducting the investigation: In groups the children will be given a superhero doll and a variety of materials.  They will be asked to build a den for their doll – that will keep it dry when it rains. Once all the dens are built we will use a jug of water as rain and pour it over each den – then children will then remove their doll to see if it has stayed dry or not?

Interpreting the data:  The children will record on their sheet the materials that were waterproof.  We will discuss the objects we use to keep ourselves dry when it rains.


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