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Pauline Butterly

The activity I would choose to do with my class is The Moon – What does the Moon look like?

I like the idea of using this activity as a science observation and an integrated art lesson.

Trigger: I would read the picture book by Justin Birch, ‘Charlie & The Cheesemonster’.

Wonder: After enjoying the story we would have a class discussion about the book, leading to a discussion about the moon.

Exploring & Investigating: using a series of photos of the moon I would introduce our question ‘What does the moon look like?’. Children can draw their ideas on a sheet of paper.

Interpreting data: After each child has completed their picture of the moon we will learn the vocabulary for the mountains, craters etc

Extension: using a large sheet of paper with a template of the moon drawn on it the children will use a variety of materials to create a replica of the moon for our class. (material, buttons, paper etc)

At the end of our lesson we will display our replica of the moon along side a photograph of the moon and discuss the collage we have created.

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