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Diarmuid O’Brien

The HOME video struck me as being strong and quite touching. However, it was jam-packed with knowledge that may inspire us to modify our own behaviours and set an example for children. As part of a series of teachings on climate change and climate action, I would show portions of the film to students in the senior classes. However, there should be some balance in how climate change is discussed with kids. Yes, we need to provide people the information, like what is in the Home video, but we also need to follow this up with a workable plan on how to bring about change. It is not enough to simply provide children with the harsh realities without encouraging them to take meaningful action since, as we all know, this subject can cause them to feel quite worried. The kids in the senior classes, in my opinion, would respond favourably to the Greta Thunberg Ted Talk video. The majority of kids may be aware of her, but they may not have ever heard her message. I believe that kids would react well to hearing the message from Greta Thunberg. Additionally, I believe that kids would appreciate discovering their carbon footprint. This would spark conversations and motivate them to take active efforts to change their own lives.

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