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Karen Parker

The documentary “Home” has some fantastic insight into climate change and its impact on our planet. There are some wonderful facts and imagery which children would learn a lot from. I feel that the video might be quite heavy for a class to watch in full so snippets could be taken to discuss the topic without overloading the children.

There are also some great videos included in this module.

The climate aid video has some useful pictures and commentary on what is happening around the world. It is a nice quick condensed video that would be a great discussion topic during a lesson.

Greta Thunberg’s Ted talk is also very insightful and I feel that it would resonate well with the students as they could identify with a young girl trying to fight for a better world. Her speech is very passionate and shows that this is something worth fighting against.

The Carbon Footprint calculator was also a great tool and the results were shocking to me. Children would definitely enjoy calculating their carbon footprint, comparing results with other pupils and could even do a before and after comparison once they have worked on reducing their carbon footprint.

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