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Eva McNally

I will use a a variety of the online resources in my classroom.
I think that the Astronomy picture of the day is an excellent resource which I wiill use to get children thinking, wondering, describing and discussing. This could be used as an early moning activity for when the children first arrive into the classroom in the morning. They could either write a description or describe and discuss the picture with a partner. They coud also be encouraged to ask questions and I wonder statements based on the pictures. I think the children will be excited to see the new picture each day and this will add an extra layer of motivation. It could also be used as part of an oral language lesson in English.
I also think that the Marvin and Milo cartoons are a lovely resource and intend to use these in the future. The cartoon aspect would work well as a trigger to the lesson and I think the children would really enjoy completing the experiments. Some of the experiemts could also be shared with parents to further encourage children to engage in Science activities at home. I would set up a padlet and ask the children/parents to upload images of the Marvin and Milo Science experiments that they have completed at home. These images could then be used as a discussion point in school and allow children to share their findings.
I think the children in my class would also enjoy the games section on the kids website. There are some excellent games on the topic of space such as Space Clean up and Milky Way Match.

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