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Pol o hici

I chose the EO browser.

I will tell my colleague that I have recently started using an extremely interesting app that shows images from space. I will explain that I found it very educational and more importantly that it’s extremely easy to use once you have followed the short tutorial. I will explain that you can choose many options i.e. the exact location you want, how you’d like to view this location, on what date you’d like to view this location so that you can chose when the cloud cover is low, that you can compare dates and that you can view the same location over a number of years to see any changes (costal erosion?). I will tell them that this is an excellent resource that can be used easily in the classroom or as a group project with the children during their computer time. I think the fact that the children can do this themselves, and indeed probably show the teacher how it can be used, is a great advantage to learning as most children nowadays are probably more computer literate that some of the teachers.


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