Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Aoife Dorrian

I believe that gender stereotypes are in every Irish classroom. Although the children often say things that is evident of gender stereotypes, I believe they do not mean this in a mean or harmful way. For example, if I told children in my class to draw a picture of a gymnast they will all draw a girl and if I told them to draw a picture of a footballer, I am sure they will all draw a boy. However, they do not do this intending on hurting someone’s feelings and they would not judge you or call you names if you were a girl playing football. However, I do believe gender stereotypes are improving. For example, the Ireland’s women’s team playing in the world cup may result in some children drawing a female footballer instead of a male.

The lessons from the Developmental Education Teacher Handbook look very engaging and I will definitely use them as an aid to help combat gender stereotypes in my classroom in the upcoming year.

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