Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Caroline Walsh

Unfortunately, in 2018, Ireland was ranked the worst in Europe for performance on climate change. As a country, we have a lot to do in this area, there are a lot of changes that need to happen and everyone needs to understand their important role in slowing the effects of climate change together.

I work in the Dublin area area and climate change is impacting and will impact on this area going forward. There is an increase in storms and rainfall causing flooding. Just recently in Clontarf, there was significant flooding.

I think we have all noticed a rise in temperature in general. The rise of sea levels and the risk of coastal flooding is going to be harmful to a coastal city like Dublin. Flooding effects water quality and is significant in a large population in Dublin city. We are all familiar with various boil water notices that are put in place.

I think we have also notices changes in nature, flowers appearing much earlier than normal due to higher temperatures in late winter or early spring.

Three actions that would help make the world a better place by slowing down climate change include:

1. Walk, Cycle or take public transport. Many schools have initiatives for this e,g ‘Walk to school Wednesdays’ etc. Choosing not to use our car reduces greenhouse gas emissions and also help our health and fitness.

2. Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle. We can do this with clothes, electronics and plastics as these cause carbon emissions at each point in production. We can shop second hand. We can make a conscious effort to repair instead of buying new. We can throw away less food as if we waste food, we are wasting the resources and energy used to grow, package and transport it. With the hot lunch scheme in our schools at the moment, I think there is more that can be done to reduce the food waste. Some staff eat some of the lunches that are left over as children are absent but many the company has a responsibility in this regard, to link up with other agencies and collect and pass on the food to others. There is a difficulty in this around the hot food having to be eaten within a particular time frame but I’m sure there are ways to solve the issue if it is seen as something we can do to help. It would also be good for the children to see this.

3. Be mindful how we spend our money – we should choose to buy products from companies who use resources responsibly and are committed to cutting their gas emissions and waste.

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