Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Niall Fitzgibbon

As we are all aware, Climate change is having a serious effect on our planet. This summer alone, we can see the scorching temperatures in places like Greece and other parts of Europe as well as a huge increase in wildfires. Portugal is currently battling to contain wildfires which have engulfed thousands of hectares in the last few days due to soaring temperatures. Here in Ireland, the weather is becoming more changeable and severe than ever before with increased rainfall and storms resulting in flooding, causing damage to property.

Three actions we could do to make a world a better place and slow down the effects of climate change would be:

1. Encourage pupils and teachers to walk, cycle or scoot to school if possible rather than drive. In our school, the green schools committee came up with an idea to encourage students to walk to school on Wednesdays. A record was taken each morning of how children got to school and the class who walked, cycled or scooted to school the most got the day off homework.

2. Encourage greater biodiversity in our schools. We have a lovely school garden and a polytunnel. students are regularly given opportunities to come out and help in the garden, planting vegetables, watering the polytunnel, etc.

3. Encourage students to reuse and recycle more

I found the lesson plans in this module very beneficial and will definitely incorporate them into my teaching this year.

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