Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Sinead Moore

Having researched my area, I discovered there are no organisations that specifically to work with refugees. However, many schools in my locality welcomed Ukrainian refugees into their schools and the local community. My own school welcomed 24 students from the Ukraine. I found this experience was enriching for all involved as it brough the whole community together, the majority of locals loved getting involved in organising a clothes collection, second hand school uniforms and supplies such as toys and books.

Some additional ways to support refugees within the school community that my school is enforcing and all schools can are;

• Raise awareness: We could organise awareness campaigns or events to educate students about the refugee crisis, the challenges faced by refugees, and the importance of welcoming them. Guest speakers can be a nice way to achieve this.

  • Fundraising and donations: The school can hold fundraising events within the local community to raise money for essential resources from basics like food, toiletries

• Language support: Students can volunteer as language tutors or conversation partners to support refugees who have joined the school.

• Link in with community organisations and local authorities: Partner with local refugee support groups such as GOAL, The Irish Red Cross and the local County Council. They can provide valuable resources and support for both our school and the refugees.


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