Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Peter Gillooly

Gender stereotyping is a significant issue in primary school settings. The issue comes from once again misinformation and miseducation when it comes to gender. I teach in an all boys primary school setting and can see first hand the gender stereo typing that can take place in school. Simple things like primary school lads not wanting to play football at yard can lead to stereotyping, name calling and issues in the classroom environment. I think proper education is needed at this young age and the re enforcing factor should be that the children should be encouraged to ‘be themselves’ rather than to be focused on specific genders. It is our job as educators to break down these gender specific ideas and educate the children with open minded thoughts , something that I think the lesson plans and ideas in the course provide us to do. In summary, focusing on developing the children as individuals rather than focusing on gender specific ideas is key to helping children grow up independently and confidently and being who they want to be.

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