Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Pauline Cahill

Quality Education

We are fortunate in Ireland that quality education has always been prioritised and attempts are made to make it accessible for all. It is expected that children here will follow a certain route, starting at pre-school, moving onto primary and then secondary education, with further educational opportunities after that if desired. That is not the case in all countries.

The SDGs provide a good starting point for children to explore differences in other countries. It is important to raise their awareness of what happens in other countries. In the case of quality education, not all children will have the opportunity to attend school or completely focus on education if they do. They may have other responsibilities that are essential for ensuring the survival of the family.  Lesson four, which deals with education, is a good starting point for raising awareness in the classroom. Initiating discussions among the children is a good way to help the children to understand and also to empathise with those who are not fortunate enough to have access to education. This understanding is important in order to allow them to share this with other people and raise awareness at home and in other places. Participating in activities like Concern debates will also further this.


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