Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Anderley Kooner

Now, more than ever, climate change is an important and current topic. The children would have heard of the many different weather patterns across the world and how this is having a negative impact on many peoples lives both locally and globally. Even this Summer the fact it was the wettest July on record in Ireland and there have been forest fires and heatwaves in central Europe highlights how climate change is impacting us all. Although it is a tragedy that so many people’s lives are being affected, the fact it is such a current topic means the learning for children is more relevant and they can relate to the need for action immediately. Discussing what the children know or have heard over recent years and months and using this as a springboard for their learning will ensure a deeper understanding and engagement on the topic.

Three ways in which I would implement the topic of Climate change would be:

Implement some hands-on climate change focused activities with the children to help them understand the Science behind some the topics. For example, using container of water to give children a visual for the effects of climate change on glaciers and sea levels. Place some clay or play dough at one side and put ice cubes on top, then fill the other side of the container with water that doesn’t reach the ice. Mark the waterline and see how it rises as the ice cubes melt.

Involve the whole school in ways in which we as a community can make a change. Allow the children to mind map some of their own ideas and discuss how the different classes can all work together to achieve a goal. For example, recycling, litter collecting or use of electricity across the school and reducing this.

Ensure that Climate change is not a once off topic or week the children engage with and then forget about. Work would need to be done with the teaching staff of how to include in fortnightly planning, even it is checking in on the whole school activities or reviewing what has been achieved so far. As the information in the slides highlighted, strategies need to be reviewed and assessed continuously for it to become meaningful.

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