Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Shona Barrett

There are a number of organisations in my area working with refugees including the Irish Red Cross, Crosscare, Plan as well as MASI which is an independent platform for asylum seekers.

I believe that is very important in school to educate children in terms of people seeking refuge and the important role that we play in it. The school that I teach in has over 80% non-nationals with a number of children who are refugees. I think that it would be an excellent idea to invite a guest speaker, possibly from one of the organisations mentioned above, into the school to share real information and help educate our students about the experiences and challenges faced by refugees. I feel that this would break down any stigma or pre-conceived idea surrounding the stereotypes of refugees both in Ireland and around the world and it would aid in welcoming refugees into the community.

I think that it would also be a great idea to invest in texts and resources that emphasise the plight of refugees and that would help the children to realise that children who are fleeing a different country are no different to them or any of their friends. I also think that hearing a first hand experience of someone who has gone through the process, if they obliged and were comfortable with this, would be an excellent way of connecting the lived experiences of all children in the class.



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