Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Anderley Kooner

The Laois Integration Network is an organisation working voluntarily with refugees in my community. They are currently spending the most of their time and resources on helping Ukrainian refugees that have settled in Co. Laois having previously spent the majority of their focus on those in direct provision centres. One such way they have provided assistance to refugees is by establishing a “zero cost shop” for all Ukrainian nationals, not only does this provide essentials like food and clothing but it also provides an opportunity for refugees to speak with peers and make friendships.

It is very important and fairly simple that we, as educators in our communities, ensure that the children we teach understand the differences between voluntary migrants and refugees especially in the diverse classrooms in which we teach.  Helping the children to understand other people and communities and the many reasons for migration will only aid in creating understanding and empathy for a future generation.

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