Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Shona Barrett

“The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World” really sells the idea of the importance of development education in fostering global citizenship. As a teacher I feel that it is so important to be able to encourage students to engage with global issues through educating them in the best and most appropriate way possible. Through lessons I would aim to incorporate these global issues across subjects such as SESE, SPHE and English in particular encouraging open discussion. Within these subjects case studies could be studied and discussed whilst encouraging empathy and reflect on global change that is occurring in areas on a global scale.
To encourage fellow teachers to engage in development education activities, I would share my knowledge about what I have learnt and the importance of this topic informally through oral discussions as well as formally though workshops showing Power Points and case studies to emphasize the importance of being a global citizen. I would also emphasize integrating global perspectives into the curriculum and aid in designing engaging and child friendly activities in order to make the lessons interesting and engaging for students.

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