Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Danielle Phillips

In the area my school is in we have not been directly affected by climate change. There has been an obvious change in weather conditions and often we experience storms and high winds which we are not used to. It means that on a number of occasions children have missed out on certain activities and yards due to the bad weather. There has been some local flooding but nothing that has stopped us from continuing with our normal school day. The children have definitely become more aware of the weather and often comment on it.

There are a number of thing that can be done in order to actively involve the children in contribute to the slowing down of climate change.

1.Encourage children to reuse bottles/lunchboxes etc as often children will use plastic bags and buy plastic bottles

2.Parental involvement- include parents and families in school initiatives

3.Lights/Electricity- we have light monitors in our school- older children who are responsible for checking light usage etc

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