Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Kate Liston

Climate change is having a significant impact on the local coastal environment where I live, from increased sea levels to the disruption of habitats for local wildlife.

In the past I have run a series of lessons on plastic and it’s impacted on climate change. We have looked at the over use of plastic packaging in our supermarkets and and created a “plastic challenge”. This is where families in our school were to create their weekly shopping list and try to see how many of these items they could but that weren’t wrapped in some sort of plastic. We asked them to post their results on social media and we tagged the supermarket chains where they had shopped. We also asked children in one class to bring in one weeks of their plastic waste and we created a plastic mountain on our school grounds and again posted it on social media. We hoped that these actions in some way raised awareness about how much plastic we are wasting on a daily basis We encouraged children to also do a “2 minute beach” clean every time they visited the beach and to post about it on social media.

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