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Melissa Carey

Hi, My name is Melissa and I will be teaching senior infants in September. My favourite fact about Space is that 1,000,000 earths can fit inside the sun.

I love the lesson on gravity and could see myself using this lesson in September with my class. I would start by dropping something on the floor to get the childrens attention and engage them. We would discuss what happened, what fell, why did it hit the ground and why did it not float?

Question: What happens when we drop something?

Children would then freely explore gravity by dropping different objects and record how things fall (quickly, slowly etc) I would include a feather as well as the other objects in the ESERO lesson.

I would then talk about the word gravity, write it on the board, link it with literacy and phonemic and graphemic awareness and look at the sounds in the word. We would explore gravity on the moon and talk about ways to extend the lesson the next time: Gravity and water for example.

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