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Markey Jessica


My name is Jessica Markey and I am a Senior Infant teacher in a DEIS Junior school. I decided to do this course to expand my knowledge on space and hopefully use that in my current teaching position. My favourite fact about space is that it is completely silent.

An inquiry based activity that I would like to do with my Senior Infants is “storm in a glass”. I have done this experiment with older children and think that it would be a great hands on activity for an Aistear based lesson.

The trigger for this inquiry based activity would be a previous Literacy lesson about the book “One Stormy Night” and a follow up activity to the theme of weather/Winter.

Throughout my years of teaching, I have seen how children wonder and often question where rain comes from or “why is there more rain today?”.  I would begin this activity by showing the children a wet sponge and say “let’s pretend this is a cloud”. By adding more water to the sponge, more water comes out etc. This would give children a little idea of what happens when it rains more – more water/rain comes down.  We would then move onto a glass or clear container 3/4 full of water.  We would make a “cloud” using shaving foam. I would ask though provoking questions such as “what do you think will happen if I add water to the cloud?” “what would happen if I add more water?”. Eventually the children will be able to identify what happens to the cloud when we add more water or “rain”.

I think this is a brilliant hands on and “messy” water activity for infants.

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