Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Ronan McGrath

Our local area has been very welcoming and accommodating to local immigrants over the years and have done a lot for Ukraine families looking to find help. At the moment, the local hotel is housing 40 families and many people have given up rooms in their homes and their own homes to help support these people. There are also a few holiday home parks in the area and people have offered up their places to help out. In addition, the local GAA club have been terrific in welcoming refugees into the community for many years. They are very encouraging in getting children and adults involved. They organise different events throughout the year to help show how welcome everyone is in our community. As teachers, we could follow this and try to really encourage any refugees in our schools to participate on school teams and encourage the parents to come in and help out at different events in the school, such as bake sales. In my school, we also work with UNICEF and try to raise money and goods that we can send over to places that are worse off then ourselves, this has been very rewarding to all the kids that take part as well.

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