Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Ronan McGrath

Sustainable Development Goal: Education Equality

Structural inequality is manifested in inequality in education, housing and healthcare. To focus on education, it is certainly a sector where children can be affected by both local and global inequality. From the module, we see the number of children unable to avail of any form of education globally is a growing and worrying number. Often these children are suffering from other inequalities, such as inadequate housing, no healthcare and worse a lack of clean water. Education can be something that could be provided to these children and as demonstrated in the video the more children are educated, the better chances of success they can obtain and in turn the better chance of helping themselves and others lower the inequalities in the world. Educational inequalities is not just a global phenomenon, it is happening right here in Ireland and in our classrooms. This became very evident over the past two years, during the lockdowns. To alter a phrase from George Orwell’s Animal Farm “All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others.” As an educator, I got an even bigger insight into the lives of my students and how much their lives can differ.

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