Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Ronan McGrath

Gender stereotypes can affect children of all ages. A lot of it is often passed down by older generations. For example, I once dressed my little girl in a blue top and I was complemented on how pretty my son looked. Other things like boys should play with certain toys and girls should play with certain toys instead of just letting the child enjoy the toy regardless, especially if they are having fun.
In school, I have also been guilty of gender stereotyping. The school I a currently teach in has always been known as a GAA school, even though the campus is right next to the local soccer team and many of the children play for both clubs. So when I first moved to the school, I offered to start a soccer team for the boys, as I presumed the girls wouldn’t be interested. I was very wrong! After telling my 6th class, that I might start a school team, I had two girls standing at my desk asking would there be a girls team. I said, sure if they think there would be enough players to make a squad. They assured there would, so I asked them would they rather train on Monday or Tuesday. The very next Monday, i had 42 girls trying out for the team.

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