Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Joanna Hughes

I live in an area close to both a beach and a river estuary. For us, climate change has affected the weather in Ireland with more rain and storms predicted (Information from research on citizens advice.). In my local area this means the river has broken its banks on more than one occasion, leading to flooding, roads being impassable. The sand on the beach has also been eroded and redistributed during periods of storminess. This all has an impact on the local wildlife that build their houses along the beach and river banks. It has also impacted locals as it is more difficult to get home insurance, and people need to be prepared for storms with sandbags and supplies.
I think my pupils could explore this further with an active research project; photographing our local habitat as a class field trip. Researching the wild life in our area that make the beach and banks their homes. Documenting the damage that storms and more rainfall (flooding) can cause. To be honest, I think it could make a very interesting science project for the whole school to participate in. We could also create rain gauges and start a running monthly record and compare months.

3 actions I feel are easy to take in terms of accessibility to everyone are:

Using public transport/non-emissions ways of transport/walking whenever possible
Introducing a vegetarian day into dinner every week. And trying to use local produce when possible.
Making sustainable food and fashion choices

I think this lesson could be a really nice thematic topic and integrate English, maths, science, geography, history, art, SPHE and PE all in one. It would also be a lovely theme to take for Science Blast.

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