Reply To: Module 3 – Global Inequality

Niall Fitzgibbon

The topic I have decided to focus on is SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing. I believe  in recent years there is a lot more focus and emphasis on this topic in our schools and at both local and global levels, particularly since the Covid pandemic. I think this is due to many factors such as child obesity, poor diets and an increase anxiety and mental health issues among children.

I teach in a very active school where many of the teachers would have a keen interest in sport and fitness, healthy eating, wellbeing and mindfulness, etc. As a school we have undertaken many initiatives to promote the importance of good health and wellbeing among our students. For Wellbeing week , pupils had daily gratitude journals linked to the weaving wellbeing programme, time out Tuesday – Where everyone, including teachers, had to disconnect from using electronics, workout Wednesday – every class had to take part in a fun ‘boot camp’ activity during the day, Meditation Thursday, fruit tasting Friday. We also had a fundraiser on Friday where everyone had to dress up as a colour of the rainbow. These activities created a great sense of the importance of wellbeing, both physically and mentally among students and teachers and created a great atmosphere around the school.

We also had a 20, 20, 20 challenge where children had to replace one piece of their homework with 20 minutes of something active for 20 days. This was a great success and children posted videos of their chosen activity. It even benefited teachers – doing 20 minutes of yoga, going for 20 minute runs daily or meeting up for a 20 minute sea swim before school.


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