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elayne Browne

One world different climate changes.
To explore how climate change is happening in different ways in different parts of the world’
Brainstorming Climate change….what is it? Is it the same everywhere in world….
Look at different parts of the world….
North pole
South Pole
Climate Change is happening all over the world. What kind of change do you think is happening in these countries pick
North Pole versus Nigeria
South Pole versus Ireland
Japan versus Brazil…
3 large groups of 8 pupils in each looking at identifying how climate change is affecting each country….what is being currently done and what should be done to slow down the effects of Climate change. How can we help other countries …
This can involve them searching identifying each country by its flag, climate change in each country and how it is being tackled and what more can be done.
*As a school we have achieved
Congratulations – your school has achieved an SFI Curious Minds Award. We have evaluated your Log of Evidence and we are satisfied that you have met all the criteria for the Gold Award.
Your school has provided evidence of children’s engagement with STEM in the following areas:
1. Science
2. Technology
3. Engineering
4. Maths
5. STEM Showcase
Incidentally this work was already being done before we applied for the award which we have done for the 4th successive year. It is a wonderful way to showcase work, to share learned and to enrich entire school and to have pupils work affirmed and celebrated.Here is some feedback on the Log of Evidence:

Congratulations on achieving your Gold Award. One word comes to mind, when reviewing your science page online and that is the word “WOW”. It was fantastic to see the breadth of STEM activities conducted in your school.The range of STEM activities performed through out the year is impressive: from renewable energy, pea growing, investigating materials to active participation in Science, Maths, and Space week. Great work !!! Congratulations again on this well-earned award.

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