Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Danielle Phillips

I taught senior infants last year and I also had them for junior infants so I knew them very well by the 2nd year. I teach in a DEIS school in a very diverse community. Even at this young age I could see gender stereotypes present in a number of different school settings. With Aistear playing a central role in the teaching of infants it was apparent that children had already developed opinions on particular themes and activities that I would set up. For example one theme was “The Hairdressers” and many of the boys in the class laughed at the idea of being a hairdresser and some would refuse to take part in a ‘girlie’ activity. One station was dolls heads and they could wash/style/brush their hairs both male and female dolls- I observed a number of the boys engaging in rough play with the dolls and unwilling to try the styling etc. I also would see the reverse with the girls in other themes such as transport when they were given trucks/cars etc to play with they would ask questions like “have you any girl toys we can play with”.


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