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with Junior Infants you will probably have to make the rockets in advance (might be time to get 5th or 6th class to help!), but then they can work on firing them if you have a fixed rod for them to launch from. I find that very young children don’t always have the finger strength to hold the rubber band steady for launch.

We look at lots of rockets in Module 5, so you may want to check there for another type that might be easier for Juniors.

I haven’t used book creator, but found this guide:

is that the same product? Do you have to consider copyright issues when grabbing images from google image? See this from  PDST – Selecting and Using Copyright Free Resources for Digital Storytelling

I like how you have planned to video the launches and ask the pair whose rocket went the furthest to add a voice over. My son (now 26!)’s class had me video them when they were in Junior Infants to share with the incoming juniors – and I kept the video to show the group when they were in 6th class and they just loved having a record of themselves when they were much younger!

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