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Niamh O’Brien

I think the Paxi video on greenhouse gases was a very engaging and informative way to introduce and explain the concept to children. Greenhouse gases may be something they have heard of but this video would allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the concept in terms that are suitable and relevant to them. I thought the use of animation was also very clever.

Activity 3 gives great opportunities for curriculum links across a broad number of subject areas, particularly analysing and interpreting data in maths and Geography in choosing different country/sub areas. I think I would break the children up into mixed ability groupings and give each group a different country/sub area to carry out their investigation on. Children could then present and discuss their findings to the class and compare and contrast the results for the different areas. I would also encourage the children to not only record their results using the table provided but also/instead use digital technologies. It would be a great way to integreate ICT perhaps through the use of google slides/powepoint/book creator etc.

Having spent time discussing, understanding and analysing the concept of greenhouse gases it opens up a great opportunity for the students to become active citizens and use their new knowledge to see how they could make a difference. The children could come up with ideas of small steps that they as a class could take to reduce their impact on the environment. This information could be recorded in an informative fun video and shared with the school and the wider school community to encourage others to try and make a change too.


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