Reply To: Module 5 – Climate Change

Keelan Conway

The effects of climate change in my own local area are not as visible as some others have described in this form. Of course, we are experiencing changing weather patterns and more extreme weather, which does impact the children in our school. This year, we had a particularly dry month of May, and children in my class who come from a farming background were vocal about the concerning dry weather which was having a negative impact on their lives.

One action I will seek to carry out with the children in my class in an attempt to slow down climate change is litter picking within our local community. This is a simple activity, hands-on activity which informs the children’s understanding of community involvement.

Another action I will undertake with my class is considering if children could use other modes of transport where possible. I have heard of other schools conducting a ‘Walking Wednesdays’, which I think would be beneficial.

Finally, I will aim to make a personal effort to minimize the amount of paper I use through photocopying. On school placement, I was certainly guilty of overusing our school’s photocopier. In my career going forward, however, without the pressures of school placement, I will consciously attempt to minimize the paper trail of the classroom in which I teach.

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