Reply To: Module 2 – Gender

Kate Liston

One of the most common forms of gender stereotyping that I have come across in my career is in the area of Physical Education. I often see the strand of dance in the senior classes being neglected, with the excuse that the boys won’t engage with it and that they will be complaining for the lesson because they want to play football or hurling etc. I have found when I teach dance to senior classes that both boys and girls are equally enthusiastic about it, once everyone is appropriately challenged. This situation however, is improving, especially as easily accessible resources and videos to help teach dance are more readily available.

A huge issue with gender stereotyping in schools is the lack of male representation in the profession, reinforcing for children that caring professions are for women. Some children in this country will progress through eight years of primary school without ever been taught by a male teacher. Of course this is also the case in terms of racial and cultural diversity representation within the profession too.


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