Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Kate Liston

The article is very thought provoking piece that highlighted for me the importance of Development Education in the primary school curriculum. Development education nurtures children;s understanding of the world beyond their immediate surroundings. It cultivates global awareness, empathy and critical thinking skills among students. It is important for children to develop a sense of the interconnectedness and complexities of our world. Educating our children to hold values of social justice, equality and sustainability are critical to positive change and enabling all of us to engage with complex global challenges in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to encourage my colleagues to engage in development education activities in my school I would firstly highlight the importance of doing so. This is the first step in achieving buy in. Equipping the teachers with the resources available, supports them to engage. The resources highlighted so far are excellent and I can see how teachers would be grateful for such well thought out lesson plans and activities.


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