Reply To: Module 1 – Introduction to Development Education

Dervilla Ryan

Consider why Development Education is important and how you would try to include it in your own teaching and encourage colleagues to plan development education activities throughout your school.

The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World by Eric Ehigie is a very personal, well written and heartfelt piece that highlights the importance of development education and the importance of shaping global citizens with empathy and understanding who can foster change; however small, in a world filled with challenges. The author’s passion and compassion drives the recognition of our responsibility to strive to make the world a better place.
To promote and plan development education activities throughout my school, I would liaise and collaborate with my colleagues and share the resources and information provided in this course with the aim of a whole school approach to Sustainability and Development education to be put in place with different events and campaigns running throughout the year. This could be run alongside our student council/sustainability/green school committee, giving our students greater autonomy. The exploration of developmental education is rooted in many subject areas and there is a clear scope for integration, critical thinking, and child lead inquiry/project based learning.
The points of mutual respect, global citizenship, diversity,global challenges, and cultural awareness discussed in the author’s paper provide so much scope for discussion and the focus on change, however small, is an inspiration for the children to take action/responsibility. The development goals also provide a starting point for discussion and are displayed in each classroom in our school. We have a lot to learn and there are organisations there to extend our knowledge, share experience to aid teaching and learning. Irish Aid also has resource packs available for the exploration of these goals which I am lucky enough to have used in the past. Collaboration with these organisations and fostering an environment of discussion and empathy is crucial.

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