Reply To: Module 4 – Migration and Refugees

Naomi Curran

In my community a local organisation organised a clothes collection for the refugees who are living in the community hall. Locals even kindly donated money and items that were of use to the refugees. Local GAA coaches got these children and their parents to come to their house and teach them how to play hurling so they could feel part of the Irish culture.

In my school the student council organised a bake sale. Parents and staff baked homemade buns and cakes to be used in the bake sale. Everyone in the local community was invited to come and support the cause. The money raised was for the Ukrainians living in the local community. By carrying out these actions this can lead to a very supportive and inclusive community for refugees. It is obvious that we have such wonderful local and school communities in Ireland willing to do whatever they can on a voluntary basis to help the refugees. It would make you proud to be Irish.

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