Kate McCarthy

Climate change is certainly having a major effect on my local area. I think it really important to explore and discuss these effects in schools so as that children are aware of the changes that are happening.

Firstly, as many others have mentioned, the continuous adverse weather conditions cause major problems. I have noticed how the city and my smaller town has been affected by flooding in recent years. I also believe that storms where not nearly as frequent nor as extreme when I was in school.

Another effect of climate change in my area is loss of wild life. It is very saddening to see deforestation in my area which I think is contributing to a reduction in the number of squirrels and other wild life. I would love to explore this topic in the classroom. I would do this by analysing and recording the types of trees and grasses local to our area and then delve into what animals like to live in these surroundings. Children could undertake a research project on the various wildlife and create a presentation on why deforestation has negative effects.

Ways in which I would act in hopes to slow down climate change would be

– reducing the amount I use my car, carpooling when possible.

-make a more conscious effort towards recycling and reducing waste

-Reduce my energy consumption


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