anna keyes

I would choose to look at the Sustainable Development Goal number 7- Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for us all.

I feel that this goal overlaps with many of the other objectives in this course, as it touches on inequality between countries and their access to energy as well as their role in producing it. It also is vital when it comes to climate change- modern and sustainable energy needs to be clean and renewable.

I would explore this goal with the children accross various subjects on the curriculum. In maths, I would look at data, exploring the data given on the United Nations Goals website. In SESE, I would look at renewable energy sources and how they work, landscapes that would produce and harness natural, clean energy. And I would also look at the history of power, electricity and the Industrial Revolution. Obviously, SPHE would be a subject in which you could really delve into the Sustainable Development Goals and our roles as Global citizens.

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