Kate McCarthy

I enjoyed reading the article ‘The Role of Global Citizens in Today’s World’. I liked how the author included personal experiences and I found the article to be well structured. One of the points that stood out to me was that young people carry a new, more positive attitude towards racism and inequality. This struck me as I believe as educators we have the responsibility of providing the younger generation with the knowledge and confidence that they can make a positive change to the world.

This article made it clear that every individual can have a role to play in creating a better society in which to live and that this change can begin in the local community. Development education is vital in the classroom to ensure that young people are familiar with the Sustainable Developmental Goals and how it impacts their lives. In doing this young people would feel empowered. I also think it important that teachers are very familiar with the goals and their relevance to the local community so that they can incorporate global citizenship to the school community and into daily school lives.

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