Grainne Murphy

Climate change has had an impact in our local area in two ways. Firstly, an increase in storms and adverse weather conditions and secondly, an increase in flooding in certain parts of the locality that are beside the river. Children in our school are able to see for themselves that climate change has an effect on their lives. It is also important to teach that it affects peoples lives all over the world in different ways – some more severely than others. I would use the 5 lessons outlined in this module to teach about climate change as they have clear engaging activities and really clarify the necessity for actions to slow down climate change. 3 actions are as follows:
Have energy monitors in each classroom that rotate weekly whose role is to turn off light switches, plug out appliances, turn off the interactive whiteboard, make sure taps are turned off etc.
Have a whole school energy free 15 minutes once a week where we turn off all sources of energy
Place a big focus on reduce, reuse, recycle – particularly on reusing

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