Aoife Slacke

This was a really thought provoking article and it was great to get the personal insight into someone’s experience of change and how we have moved on in society.
I really believe that Development Education is one that is becoming more and more important in how we educate children. Firstly, because Irish society is so much more diverse than it was 20 even 10 years ago and we all need to see ourselves represented and reflected in the society we live in.
Society has evolved to become more tolerant of different nationalities, cultures, religions etc but it has also become more aware of inequalities and injustices that are happening worldwide through social media and mainstream media. The world has become a smaller place and access to information as well as advocates and activists is much more accessible.
As we can see the topic can be easily integrated into curricular subjects such as SPHE, SESE, Maths (problem solving) English, the Arts etc and it is a topic that the children certainly want to engage in. There are so many resources available to teachers from PLAN Ireland, An Taisce, Amnesty etc that teachers can find many ways to access the material at an age appropriate level.

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