Julie-Ann Murphy

As a whole my local community is very helpful and welcoming towards refugees, something that was very evident at the beginning of the Ukranian war when many families were welcomed with open arms. There are several local organisations who provide help and support to those coming into our country. The social welfare branch office and Citizens Information Centre were the first to come to mind. Along with these there are many Facebook sites such as Migrant Support Monaghan and County Monaghan refugee Support group ltd.

We have had several initiatives in our school which welcome new arrivals. One big day was our multi-cultural day where families cooked their nations dish, dressed in their national clothes and took their food to school for us all to try. In class children are encouraged to learn phrases from other pupils who speak a different language, especially phrases they can use when playing on the yard at breaktimes.

However in the recent past there has been a noticeable increase in the refugee population which unfortunately has given rise to many Facebook campaigns based on ignorance and misinformation.


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